Everyone knows the best apples are from the heart of Washington and the best whiskey is from Kentucky.

In the fall of 1921, Johnny jumped on a train with several bottles of cider from his orchards to share with his Uncle Gus in Kentucky at his whiskey distillery. He got there just in time to kick off the annual Fall Festival and decided to enter his cider in the contest and try for the blue ribbon.

The story of the creation of J Seeds is passed down like this:

Johnny was helping his uncle by sweeping the distillery before heading off to the fair. While sweeping he knocked one of his bottles of cider and a bottle of his uncle's finest whiskey into a nearby basin. In a rush, Johnny poured the blend into a clean bottle, capped it, and brought it with him to the fair.

A hush fell over the crowd as the judges began the cider tasting. They made their way slowly down the line and then, finally, reached Johnny’s blended bottle. After one sip the judges demanded to know who’s entry the marvelous cider whiskey blend was. It was sweet and crisp with a strong whiskey finish, like nothing they had ever had before. Johnny stepped forward and was awarded the blue ribbon immediately.

And the rest is history. We have recreated Johnny’s recipe and brought it straight from America's heartland to you. Enjoy in whatever way makes you happy. This versatile blend is equally good neat, mixed, hot or cold. J Seeds may have been created by mistake, but we “celebrate that mistake each time we partake.”